Farmer's Market Playtime Kit

$ 29.99
Farmers Market Playtime Kit introduces the many ways food is grown and eaten, and teaches how fruits and veggies are grown and sold at local markets. Plush fruits and veggies inspire organic play. Printed cotton tote folds open to reveal market stand illustration. Kids can practice counting with soft felt dollars and “buy” produce at their imaginative market. Close the tote and take along on the next trip to the market, or anywhere they go! This adorable play kit sparks hours of imaginative play and is perfect for toddler gifts. Convenient, easy to clean, and self-contained, these portable kits give kids the freedom to play wherever they go—on a playdate, in the car, on a plane or to galaxies far, far away. Printed cotton tote bag Plush fabric carrots Plush fabric strawberries Plush fabric tomato Felt bumble bee 5 felt dollars
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